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the ​ideological



Counseling Interns & Graduates

I offer a

classic therapeutic perspective

Individuals Change

Welcome to a space where new therapists ​can explore and affirm the classical ​therapeutic tenet: the belief in the innate ​power of individuals to change and ​transform. I embrace the empowering notion ​that every person holds the potential for ​growth and self-improvement. This ​perspective is fundamental to our practice, as ​it fosters a hopeful, positive outlook on ​personal development and emotional healing. ​we focus on the individual's capacity for ​change, encouraging clients to explore and ​redefine themselves beyond predefined ​identities.

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Reality is Real

In the therapeutic journey, the importance of ​upholding an objective reality cannot be ​overstated. It is our ethical responsibility to ​provide a grounded and realistic perspective, ​even when it may differ from our clients' self-​perceptions or beliefs.

The essence of effective therapy lies not in ​colluding with or validating every thought or ​belief a client expresses, but in gently guiding ​them towards a clearer understanding of ​themselves and their circumstances.

This approach is rooted in the belief that ​healing and growth stem from facing reality ​as it is, not as we or our clients might wish it ​to be.

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More than Identity

By guiding clients to look beyond their ​immediate self-perceptions, therapists help ​them develop a more rounded and inclusive ​understanding of themselves and their place ​in society. This broader perspective is crucial ​for building relationships, resolving conflicts, ​and engaging constructively with others. In ​doing so, we promote not just individual well-​being but also the principles of mutual ​respect and cooperation that are the bedrock ​of a civil society.

By encouraging this expanded self-view, we ​empower clients to transcend limiting beliefs ​and to embrace a wider range of life ​experiences. This approach fosters resilience, ​adaptability, and a deeper sense of ​connection with the world around them.

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12​ week series

group ​consultati​on

In the challenging landscape of modern clinical programs, ​where Interns and Associates might find themselves at odds ​with the dominating academic worldview, this online peer ​consultation group offers a supportive and understanding ​community. This group is specifically designed for those who ​feel compelled to comply with program ideologies that don't ​align with their personal or professional perspectives.

Participants will find a confidential space to share ​experiences, discuss dilemmas, and receive support from ​peers facing similar challenges. This group aims to empower ​its members by fostering an environment of mutual respect ​and open dialogue, where a multiplicity of viewpoints are ​actually valued and explored.

This group is not just about enduring a difficult phase in your ​career; it’s about thriving within it, by leaning on and learning ​from each other. Whether you're grappling with ethical ​dilemmas, feeling isolated in your beliefs, or simply seeking a ​community that gets it, this group is here for you.

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Individual Therapy Session
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clinical supervision (WA State only currently)

individual ​supervision

I understand the unique challenges faced by new clinicians ​navigating the complex terrain of today's therapeutic ​environment. I provide ideological-free supervision that ​resonates with your personal and professional values, offering ​a sanctuary where your beliefs and clinical practices can be ​explored and developed without fear of judgment or reprisal.

I recognize the importance of aligning your work with your ​core values, and we're committed to helping you cultivate a ​practice that feels authentic and fulfilling.

Whether you're feeling constrained by the ideological confines ​of your current work setting or simply seeking a supervisory ​relationship that honors and nurtures your unique perspective, ​I am here for you. I offer a collaborative and respectful ​environment where you can gain the necessary hours for full ​licensure while staying true to yourself and your vision for ​therapy.

Your journey towards licensure should empower your values ​and beliefs, and I am here to ensure that it does.

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work with me

group consultat​ion

Investment-$240 (​$20 per group)

Includes- 12 weeks of peer to​ peer support

led by an experienced therapis​t of 17 years.

Time- Thursdays​ ​1-2pm Pacific

Chairs Prepared for Group Therapy in Psychologist's Office
Group Therapy


Investment-$150 per hour session or $550 per month

Includes-Weekly Clinical Supervision reviewing cases, ​discussing ethical issues and discussing the skillful ​applicat​ion of clinical theories

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about me

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influenced by:

As a member of Critical Therapy Antidote, Solid Ground, and a passionate listener of ​The Radical Center and Some Kind of Therapist, I found myself compelled to offer an ​intellectually open space for counseling associates and interns as an antidote to the ​rigidity of the current climate you find yourself in.

My journey into offering Ideology-free supervision was sparked by a deep concern for ​the struggles I have witnessed many new professionals facing in graduate programs ​dominated by rigid ideologies. Now more than ever I believe in the extraordinary ​power of dialogue and the importance of feeling confident to voice one's thoughts and ​opinions, especially in the formative stages of a counseling career.

My approach to supervision is rooted in two core principles: fostering a respectful ​environment for discussing the broad spectrum of ideological perspectives and ​imparting classical therapy skills essential for professional excellence. We'll delve into ​challenging conversations, examining the claims of prevailing ideologies with a ​critical eye, while also focusing on honing your skills in traditional therapeutic ​techniques. My commitment is to help you grow into a well-rounded, confident ​professional who can navigate any clinical setting with ease and integrity.

When you sign up for a chat I will be happy to answer your questions and give you a ​sense of what I am offering and who I am in the world!


Louise Perry

Chris Williamson

Jordan Peterson

Helen Joyce

Peter Boghossian

Nina Power

Val Thomas

Helen Pluckrose

....and myriad brave, outspoken thinkers of our time.

your place to belong.

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I am in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program at ​Walden University. I moved from OR to WA to complete my nine-​month field placement under Ideology-free supervision. I am very ​pleased with my decision.

I feel that I can bring anything to supervision: logistical issues, ​technical questions, ethical dilemmas, case consultations, etc.. She ​seems not just willing, but enthusiastic and curious about every ​facet of my internship experience.

The approach strikes me as both creative and practical, totally free ​of ideological coercion. With this support, I feel well-positioned to ​offer counseling services to my clients and to continue my ​professional development.

-Current Intern

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experience ideology-free & therapeutically sound mentorship.